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Implementing its strategic planning, MYTILINEOS continues to further verticalize activities in the retail energy market.

Winning of the title “Energy Supplier of the Year”, is complimenting our efforts the benefits and is encouraging us for new goals that will contribute to sustainable development and energy transition.

Protergia's awarding at Lenovo Retail Business Awards 2022 is a driving force for us to continue working for the benefit of our customers to enter a modern, minimal, warm space where they enjoy the overall experience offered by Protergia.

Protergia, MYTILINEOS Electricity and Natural Gas provider, is constantly evolving and pioneering, putting in practice the principles of sustainable development to effectively address current challenges.

‘’Leaving the brightest part of yourself for the future”

Steady path to the future of energy with the reliability of METLEN

Protergia is the Power and Natural Gas Business Unit of METLEN and among the leaders of the private-sector initiative in the electric power market and is the largest independent electricity producer in Greece.

METLEN, through Protergia, is active in the supply of electricity and natural gas, offering modern and reliable services and combined electricity and natural gas products, to more than 550,000 supplies throughout the country. The speciliaze way that Protergia delivers its products is breaking new area with possibilities for thousands of homes and businesses.

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