Natural Gas - Stand-alone connection

Stand-alone Single Plus

Now Single Plus Natural Gas with…prices at cost! Protergia natural gas product is intended for domestic customers with a stand-alone natural gas connection, whether activated or not, and offers unique benefits:

Gas Autonomo (2)


€70 Protergia Consistency Refund*

(or €20 out of consistency)*

Participation in State Subsidies

Without Withdrawal Clause

Zero Guarantee

with payment via a standing bank account order.

Free myprotergia:

Consumption control is in your hands!

Combine electricity with natural gas and gain even more with Double MVP Plus!

Free Technical assistance, €200 Protergia Consistency Refund*(or €60 out of consistency): Natural Gas: €100 Protergia consistency refund (or €30 out of consistency) *& Electricity: €200 Protergia Consistency Return*(or €30 out of consistency)*

Competitive Variable Tariff based on Cost

Without Adjustment Clause

Without Additional Subscription

The first 3 standing charges FREE OF CHARGE

and then the rate is €5 per month

High level of service

It applies for a 24-month contract

  [Unit monthly TTF tariff relating to each month of the consumption period in €/MWh, as published on the penultimate working day of the preceding month, on the  European Energy Exchange (EEX) website in the monthly report of the Monthly Index ‘’ ] / 1000 + [0,01 €/kWh]
Type of calculation of gas supply price in €/kWh:
  Basic: Promotional Double Energy: Single Promo:
Home Stand-alone/Communal & Business Home Stand-alone/Communal & Business Home Stand-alone/Communal & Business
 Plus MVP Plus Single Plus
Standing charges €/month 1.0 5.0 5.0
Protergia Refund - €100 consistency (or €30 out of consistency) €70 consistency (or €20 out of consistency)
Monthly Pricing of Supply (€/kWh)
October 2022 0.21550 0.21550 0.21550
November 2022 0.14857 0.14857 0.14857
December 2022 0.12836 0.12836 0.12836
January 2023 0,12937 0,12937 0,12937
February 2023 0,07454 0,07454 0,07454
March 2023 0,06321 0,06321 0,06321
April 2023 0,05401 0,05401 0,05401
May 2023 0,05254 0,05254 0,05254
June 2023 0,04195 0,04195 0,04195


The above charges do not include VAT. 6%.

* The Protergia Consistency Refund amounts € of each service regard a consistency discount, through credits during the contract term, on the reconciliation bills received by the customer (€100 for electricity, €100 for natural gas in Stand-alone MVP Plus and €70 in Stand-alone Single Plus). In case of overdue bill payment, the amount of refund to each service is set at € out of consistency (€30 for electricity and natural gas in Stand-alone MVP Plus, €20 for Stand-alone Single Plus natural gas). It shall apply to new applications up to 28/02/2023 for a 12-month contract. The tariffs and discounts relate to the competitive arm of the invoice. See more here. The Protergia MVP Plus electricity tariff is not subject to adjustment clause, nor after the expiry of the suspension duration (Article 138, L. 4951/2022). Pursuant to article 138, Law 4951/2022, for the consumption of the period from 01.08.2022 until 01.07.2023 (as possibly extended or reduced by a recent regulation), the fixed electricity supply tariffs and charges are to be reported here on a monthly basis, until the 20th day of the month preceding the month of application.

The activation of the Double MVP Plus offer is conditional upon the existence or simultaneous activation of an electricity supply account number on the same VAT number. 



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