Medium Voltage for Business

For medium voltage customers, Protergia offers customized solutions tailored to the specific consumption characteristics of each facility.

Based on consumption data for a full year, we analyze your energy profile to create the best proposal for your business. 

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The cost of a competitive arm includes:

Energy supply as part of Daily Energy Planning

The losses of electricity distribution grid,

The charging of charge representatives for the Subaccount of Electricity Market of the Special Account of R.E.S and High Performance Electricity and Heat Co-generation Station of the Interconnected System and Grid

(Article 23 L. 4414/2016)

The charges for the incremental bills

(Bill 2, Bill 3)

The charge based on weighted variable cost of thermal conventional power stations

(Special Account Charge under Article 143 L.4001/2011)

And the costs of the Sufficient Power Guarantee Mechanism,

as defined in the Code of Electricity Transactions (decision by RAE 56/2012, Government Gazette B 104/2012), and laid down in the applicable legislation.

Regulated charges

  ΧΧΣ ΧΧΔ UTILITIES Special duty of gaseous pollytants emissions reduction (ΕΤΜΕΑΡ)
  Single Fixed Charge
Single Variable Single Fixed Charge
Single Variable
Charge (ΜΜΧ)
Category Charge Power
(€/MW Charge Power per month)
Charge (ΜΜΧ) Charge with
the Power
without Hourly Metering) (€/kVA/year)
Charge with
the average power
at the Peak (Clients with Hourly Metering) (€/kVA/year/cosφ)
Without Reactive power (Clients
without Hourly Metering) (€ cents/kWh)
By measurement Reactive power (Clients
with Hourly Metering) (€ cents/kWh/cosφ)
Single Charge (€/MWh) Single Charge (€/MWh)
Clients Medium Voltage 3.240 -   42,826   0,413 4,14 for > 13GWh/year         6,91 for < 13 GWh/year 2,47 for > 13GWh/year         8,78 for < 13 GWh/year
Medium Voltage Farmhouses with Hourly Metering       -   - 5,46 8,6

For XHS, additional discounts are applied (see KDESMIE's XHS Charges manual, par. 3.3) according to the methodology described in the relevant manual

Network Peak Load Periods

For the determination of the Network Peak Load Periods of par. 1 of article 134 of the Management Code of EDDIE, for the calculation of the Network Usage Fee (NUS) according to article 22 of the Usage Fees Manual Network, the following peak periods apply (The Network Peak Load Periods apply only to working days.
They do not apply for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays):

Table 1. Peak Network Load Periods
Starting day Expiration day Time start Time
Time start Time
Numbers of hours per day
1η January 15η February 10:00 14:00 18:00 21:00 7
16η February 15η May 10:00 14:00     4
16η May 15η August 11:00 17:00     6
16η August 15η November 12:00 14:00 19:00 21:00 4
16η November 31η December 10:00 14:00 18:00 21:00 7


The above charges do not include VAT. 6%. 

Regulated tariffs are the same for all consumers, depending on the invoice category, regardless of the supplier they have chosen, and relate to the charges borne by all consumers using electricity infrastructure (i.e. electricity transmission system charges, electricity distribution grid charges and public utility charges). The Special Duty of Gaseous Pollutants Emissions Reduction shall additionally be invoiced in the regulated tariffs. Other Charges refer to charges relating to the orderly functioning of the market, the Transmission System management and the ensuring of power sufficiency.

Other Third-Party Charges

The following charges are levied on all consumers, regardless of the supplier they have chosen, they are collected on the consumption bills and are attributed to the Treasury:
(a) Excise Duty (L.3336/05)
 (b) Special Fee L. 2093/1992 (Fee for execution of customs operations)
 (c) Municipal charges – Municipal Taxes – Real estate tax (L.25/1975, L.2130/1993)
 (d) ERT (Government Gazette 44A/29.04.2015)


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