Franchise Awards 2024: Important distinction for the 85 Protergia stores in the BE SPOKEN FRANCHISE category


For another year, the Franchise Awards, the leading event for franchising in our country, took place, with the aim of strengthening and further spreading it, as well as highlighting the best practices in the industry.

On Wednesday 24/1 the Franchise Awards 2024 ceremony took place with Protergia being awarded in the BE SPOKEN FRANCHISE category, for its efforts in the areas of strategy and advertising, but also actions that brought it closer to consumers. The award was received by Stores Network Manager, Lena Zolota, promising that Protergia will continue to develop the Franchise network by supporting young entrepreneurs in the industry who want to stand out and make their new venture with the security and guarantee of Protergia and by extension of MYTILINEOS.

Protergia stores great value on its network of stores, which currently consists of 85 stores throughout Greece and is constantly expanding. Through its stores and its highly qualified staff, Protergia offers consumers the opportunity to be served in the best way, to be informed about all the developments in the world of energy that concern them and to find the best solutions for them.

The Protergia Franchise network gives unique development opportunities to those who join it. Those interested can take the first step by contacting or by phone at 2130189199 & 2130189299.

Implementing its strategic planning, MYTILINEOS continues to further verticalize activities in the retail energy market.

Winning of the title “Energy Supplier of the Year”, is complimenting our efforts the benefits and is encouraging us for new goals that will contribute to sustainable development and energy transition.