Special Tariffs

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What is new in the Electricity Supply Contracts?

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We would like you to know that as of 1st January 2024, some important changes shall apply. These changes are mandatory to be adopted by all Electricity Providers due to a change in the legislation. These changes pertain to the transition of Electricity Providers from the Monthly Rates scheme to a new Special Tariff. This practically means that from now on Electricity Providers will no longer announce the monthly prices on the 20th day of the previous month and a new special tariff is about to kick off that has not been foreseen by the Ministry of Energy. You may take a look at article 17 of law 5066/2023 (Government Gazette Α’ 188/14.11.2023) and to the ministerial Decision, Ministry of Energy no. ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΗΕ/120637/2107 (Government Gazette Β’ 6600/21.11.2023) for further legal information.

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