Non-Standby Service - Account balance

Service in record time at 18311!

No waiting for account balance and meter reading entry.


Submit your meter reading and learn your account balance without waiting!

Protergia brings to all its customers an innovative service. You can be informed about your account balance and submit your meter reading by calling 18311* 24/7, quickly, easily and most importantly safely! 

How do I enter the meter reading? 

Now you can submit the actual consumption of electricity for your home or for your business and receive a bill of discharge every month.

4 simple steps:

  1. First, you cross-check that the meter number embossed on the metal tag is the same number with the one on the bill you receive.
  2. For a simple type meter: Write down the reading, omitting the decimal places. In case the meter also has a night reading, the indication K is the daily consumption and the indication M is the night consumption.
  3. For a digital meter: 1.8.1 corresponds to the daily consumption and 1.8.2 corresponds to the night consumption.
  4. Then you call 18311 and in option 2 you register the consumption yourself without waiting, following the recorded messages. The only information you will need are your VAT number, your 12-digit supply number and the meter reading. 

This is it! You will immediately receive confirmation of the indication you entered.

Alternatively you can use the myprotergia application, following the instructions: myprotergia - registering meter readings or chat with Probot (our chatbot service) by clicking on the face image on the lower right corner of your screen.


How do I find out the account balance and its expiration date?

You can be informed immediately without waiting by calling 18311, choosing 2 and following the recorded messages. The only information you will need is your VAT number and your 12-digit supply number.   

*The cost of the call is set according to the current price list of each telecommunication provider.

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