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Protergia was awarded at Lenovo Retail Business Awards 2022


Protergia's awarding at Lenovo Retail Business Awards 2022 is a driving force for us to continue working for the benefit of our customers to enter a modern, minimal, warm space where they enjoy the overall experience offered by Protergia.

Protergia store in Kifissia, the company's flagship store follows the modern, minimal and friendly design of the Protergia stores. The visitor enters a modern and cozy place, where the overall Protergia experience can be enjoyed.

The use of technology is a key element of the customer experience and Customer Journey using differentiated messages per touchpoint:

Led curtain screens: display of logos on the store side with the biggest traffic (Kifissias Avenue) ->awareness raising of the store

presence on display window with a screen: display of products messages and offers -> building of interest in the services and increase in the number of visits

Large in-store video wall to display corporate mood videos / commercials -> Building brand love

Vertical interactive touch screen to optimize customer experience in presenting programs / services -> facilitate and close-out.

Inside the store, the yellow corner invites the visitor to a welcoming waiting area (it is a theatrical element during the customer's stay, the yellow color represents light and energy) while the cashier and service stations steal the show with their modern design (they are tailor made furniture exclusively designed for Protergia). The use of floor wood tint, blue and white on the walls, the use of yellow linoleum and the light rays created by custom made lighting fixtures are the points adding a warm touch in the space and making Protergia stand out.

Aimed at integrated experience, we have developed and enshrined the right to a signature space perfume and to the energy experts clothing with branded modern costumes that change with the seasons.

The in-store customer experience is complemented by excellent service, "by far the most complete – and improved – delivery of material to the customer"* with the forms/sales materials (typically with the make your plan tool). Important differentiator is Protergia Store app where visitors can self-service, pay their bill, and be informed by the Store's specialized energy experts through the ease of the application and large interactive display.

All Protergia stores are fully accessible with a special ramp for persons with disabilities.

The prize was received by Nina Benroubi, Trade Marketing Officer of MYTILINEOS & Yannis Chartalos, Retail Stores Supervisor at PROTERGIA.


Implementing its strategic planning, MYTILINEOS continues to further verticalize activities in the retail energy market.

Winning of the title “Energy Supplier of the Year”, is complimenting our efforts the benefits and is encouraging us for new goals that will contribute to sustainable development and energy transition.


The future of electromobility today

E-mobility is an important step for a green future globally and we are committed working with our customers to ensure a smooth transition to the new era of mobility. We are at the driver's side wherever he stands with our own fast and ultra-fast recharging network in Greece. Meanwhile, our partnerships are strategic, both with public bodies and businesses while we work continuously to fully cover all electrification needs.

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