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Protergia is awarded for its innovative services and projects


Protergia, MYTILINEOS Electricity and Natural Gas provider, is constantly evolving and pioneering, putting in practice the principles of sustainable development to effectively address current challenges.

Through the dynamic presence of MYTILINEOS, Protergia invests in innovative products and services across the whole spectrum of electricity and is firmly recognized by thousands of consumers trusting the company and by recognized institutions. It was recently awarded with a total of five awards, in the context of the Energy Masters Awards.

In particular, the company was granted one gold, two silver and two bronze awards.

The gold award was granted for Protergia's shaping of users' energy efficient behavior in the Energy Engagement category. 

By participating in the successfully integrated EU programs "UtilitEE" & "HOLISDER", Protergia aimed to change the energy behavior of electricity consumers, putting consumers at the center. In addition, it developed a holistic framework to optimize consumers’ energy habits, aiming at shifting energy consumption, the hours of the day when RES have a significant share in the energy mix (peak shifting) thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions and electricity cost.

The projects yielded remarkable results, with the energy consumption of the participating users falling by ~13% and a peak shifting by 20%.

The silver award was awarded to Protergia’s shaping of energy communities, in the category Energy Transition Leadership.

Protergia participates in the European Programmes ACCEPT & TwinERGY, as Pilot Leader, examining energy solutions for the energy transition in communities.

These solutions are being examined in more than 70 residences in Greece and concern energy efficiency schemes at local and community level. In addition, response-demand patterns will be examined, aiming at controlling electrical charges at the level of buildings and communities to optimize energy consumption, but also the energy production process in the future.

In addition, a silver award was awarded for Protergia Charge Business Complete, in the category Reduction / Minimization Emissions

Through Protergia Business Complete, Protergia offers integrated equipment, management and electrification services solutions tailored to the needs of any company that electrifies its fleet, thus reducing emissions of gaseous pollutants generated by vehicles powered by conventional fuels. In addition, the company's services are accompanied by the Green Certificate, assuring that for electricity consumed and represented by Protergia, an equivalent quantity of energy has been generated from production facilities using Renewable Energy Sources, thus achieving a zero-carbon footprint in transportation.

Today, over 50 charging points for corporate customers throughout the country are helping to reduce emissions of gaseous pollutants daily and to cut operating costs.

A bronze prize was granted for the candidature Protergia Charge Home Complete in the Smart building Technologies category.

Protergia enables individuals and professionals to efficiently manage the energy they consume at home, in the apartment block or in their business to charge their electric vehicles. 

The offered products are accompanied by additional functions to automatically adjust the power between the chargers and the building loads and to avoid additional power increasing costs. In addition, they allow remote and automatic management of the charging needs as they arise and power sharing to a group of charging stations in the same installation to avoid network overloading.

The second bronze award concerns the nomination Protergia Charge City – Project ‘Adopt the City’ in the category Energy Efficiency in Mobility 

Protergia, through the program "Adopt your City", develops the largest public power-driven vehicle recharging network in the Municipality of Athens, with 19 stations, boosting the transition to a more sustainable transportation. Charging at twenty-five strategic locations to cover neighboring municipal departments at nearby places of interest brings multiple benefits to residents and visitors of a cleaner, friendlier, and green Athens. 

The aim of these awards is to single out companies, organizations and providers of relevant services and solutions that have shown an excellent path towards achieving high standards of energy management and are committed to sustained and ambitious objectives for continuous improvement and sustainable development.

The awards were received (anticlockwise) by: Vangelis Zacharis, Giorgos Deligiannis, Alexandros Vavouris, Spyros Liarmakopoulos, Nina Benroubi, Zoe Kotronia, Rania Markianidou, Lena Paraskevopoulou, Elsa Patinioti and Christina Vlassis.

Implementing its strategic planning, MYTILINEOS continues to further verticalize activities in the retail energy market.

Winning of the title “Energy Supplier of the Year”, is complimenting our efforts the benefits and is encouraging us for new goals that will contribute to sustainable development and energy transition.


The future of electromobility today

E-mobility is an important step for a green future globally and we are committed working with our customers to ensure a smooth transition to the new era of mobility. We are at the driver's side wherever he stands with our own fast and ultra-fast recharging network in Greece. Meanwhile, our partnerships are strategic, both with public bodies and businesses while we work continuously to fully cover all electrification needs.

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