Energy Tips

Energy Saving


  1. Invest in solar water heater and save on average 1.400 kWh/ year compared to a simple electric heater.
  2. Switch on your heater as needed to meet your hot water needs and do not leave it switched on on unnecessarily.


  1. When you're cooking, it's a good idea to cover the cooking pot with its lid. Food will be prepared faster and with lower energy consumption.
  2. Avoid the unnecessary opening of the oven, because every time you open the oven door, 20% of the internal heat is wasted.
  3. Clean regularly the electric cooking hobs and the oven.


  1. The right household insulation ensures cool summers and warm winters.
  2. Use the solar energy to heat your building. On sunny winter days, let the sun get inside your house from the southern windows.
  3. Shade all your windows during summer days. Select the appropriate shading system depending on your window’s solar orientation.
  4. If you have an autonomous heating system,do not set the thermostat above 20°C.


  1. Replace your home incandescent light bulb with energy saving lamps and make sure you don't leave the lights switched on in rooms when it is not necessary.
  2. Choose light colors on the walls of your home as they make the interior brighter.


  1. Choose a washing machine with low water and power consumption. There are several differences from device to device.
  2. Use your washing machine or dishwasher only when it's full and prefer the economy wash settings.


  1. Do not open the fridge door frequently and do not keep it open too long. Make sure the door seal is clean and adheres very well. If defrosting is not automatic, make sure you defrost regularly.
  2. Place your fridge away from the electric kitchen, the radiator and sun-facing parts, as this can increase power consumption by up to 30%.


  1. Turn on the power saving mode on your computer screen.
  2. Reduce the screen brightness.


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