Giannis Antetokounmpo and Protergia


‘’Leaving the brightest part of yourself for the future”

Protergia, MYTILINEOS’ Power and Gas Business Unit, the largest private energy company, “makes the impossible happen”. Protergia asked Giannis Antetokounmpo, one of the top players in the world’s greatest basketball championship, to make his own time-out and step out of the court for a while. 

In Protergia's new advertising campaign, for the first time Giannis Antetokounmpo assumes a role where he is not the superhuman athlete we all know. He is a young man who is worried about the future and he wants, above all, to make sure that this future is the best possible for everyone and, of course, for his family.

Away from the spotlight, he finds time to think and redefine his priorities. Next to nature, he creates something meaningful with his hands. Something of value to pass on to the next generation. And it is not so much the making that shows the way forward, but the way of thinking. For a future to be really bright, it should also be environmentally friendly. Because the energy future is by now everyone's future. 

Watch here the new commercial sport by Protergia and enjoy a pathway full of possibilities  where everything can come true.

MYTILINEOS, through Protergia, operates in Electricity and Natural gas supply, offering state-of-the-art and reliable services, electricity and gas combined products with more than 250,000 benefits across the country.

The sophisticated way Protergia offers its products shows the future of energy and opens up a new path with new possibilities for thousands of homes and businesses. 

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MYTILINEOS S.A. is a leading Greek industrial company active in Metallurgy, Power & Natural Gas, Renewables & Storage Development and Sustainable Engineering Solutions. Established in Greece in 1990, the Company is listed on the Athens Exchange, has a consolidated turnover in excess of €2.3 billion and employs directly and indirectly more than 3,600 people in Greece and abroad.

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Implementing its strategic planning, MYTILINEOS continues to further verticalize activities in the retail energy market.

Winning of the title “Energy Supplier of the Year”, is complimenting our efforts the benefits and is encouraging us for new goals that will contribute to sustainable development and energy transition.


The future of electromobility today

E-mobility is an important step for a green future globally and we are committed working with our customers to ensure a smooth transition to the new era of mobility. We are at the driver's side wherever he stands with our own fast and ultra-fast recharging network in Greece. Meanwhile, our partnerships are strategic, both with public bodies and businesses while we work continuously to fully cover all electrification needs.

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