Protergia Home Benefit

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Protergia Home Benefit  

Feel safe with Protergia Benefit – Home Insurance!

Benefit – Home Insurance is addressed to residential customers, offering the following privileges:
  • Electric Power from Renewable Energy Sources
  • Home contents insurance, covering damages up to € 5,000 per year
  • Green certificate proving that the electricity consumed in the premises is generated using renewable energy sources




The Green Certificate is the certification of MYTILINEOS to the customer who has chosen the specific product, that the electricity consumed in its installation has generated equal energy from specific power plants using Renewable Energy Sources (as provided for in the provisions of 3468/2006 and the Ministerial Decision Δ6 / Φ1 / οικ.8786 / 06.05.2010, Official Gazette 646 Β / 14.05.2010).





Home contents insurance will provide protection for the following damages:

  • Fire / lighting strike
  • Explosion 
  • Collision of vehicle or train
  • Aircraft crash
  • Content theft after burglary or robbery
  • Flooding, storm, snow, weight of snow, hail, frost
  • Plumbing and pipe leaks


Charges and discounts apply to the competitive part of the invoice, provided that the supplier's right to apply the terms of the adjustment of the charges is not activated. Find out more

Competitive Charges:


Monthly fee 


Single-phase supply  

Monthly fee


Three-phase supply

Electricity Charge
Day Consumption

Electricity Charge
Night Consumption

Protergia Home Benefit
(0-2000 kWh/4month)
1,69 5,32 0,11028 -
Protergia Home Benefit
(>2000 kWh/4month)


0,11274 -
Protergia Home Ν Benefit
(0-2000 kWh/4month)


0,11028 0,07897
Protergia Home N Benefit
(>2000 kWh/4month)


0,11274 0,07897
The above rates do not include VAT 6%.

10% extra discount on the Competitive Charges for customers who pay their bills promptly.

Regulated charges are the same for all consumers, depending on the particular tariff category and irrespective of the electricity supplier selected. They comprise the charges levied on all consumers who use the electricity infrastructures (i.e. the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System and the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network), the charges for the provision of Services of General Interest and the Special Duty for the Reduction of Air Pollutant Emissions.

More details about the calculation of Regulated Charges