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Protergia Double Energy is addressed to professional customers with gas connection, activated or not, as well as with a new or active electricity supply contract with Protergia in the same VAT.
  • 50% consistency discount on Natural Gas
  • 50% consistency discount on Electricity *
  • Zero monthly fee on Natural Gas
  • Monthly fee € 5 / month in Electricity **
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Protergia Business 3 and Protergia Business 3B are addressed to low voltage business customers with consumption needs that vary between night and day and offers:

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Protergia Business 2 and Protergia Business 2B are addressed to low voltage professionals with an agreed supply capacity higher than 25 kVA and up to 250 kVA. Protergia Business 2 offers the following:

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Protergia Business 1 and Protergia Business 1B are addressed to low voltage professionals with an installed capacity up to 25 kVA and offer the following:

The Protergia Business products are addressed to commercial and industrial Low and Medium Voltage customers. They have been designed with a view to reducing the power supply costs of your business and thus help you reduce operating expenses.

Select the product that matches the particular needs of your business to see more details about pricing and other product features.