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Net Metering

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What is Net Metering?


Net Metering is applied to residential and business premises and refers to offsetting the energy generated through a photovoltaic plant on the property against the energy consumed by the installation.

The offset of production against consumption is calculated on each actual bill (meter-based charges). If production is greater than consumption, the excess is made available to the electrical grid and the self-generator (“prosumer”) benefits from the difference on the next actual bill.

If the energy generated is less than the amount consumed, the difference is reflected in the bill as the amount due.


How is it installed and how does it work?


The photovoltaic system is usually installed on the roof of a building. The energy generated first passes through the interior installation and if it is not consumed, it is diverted to the grid.

The Net Metering agreement signed between the provider and the self-generator is for a 25-year term, starting from the date the photovoltaic system connection is activated. Additionally, the self-generator is not restricted from changing providers. In such case, the agreement is terminated and a new one is signed between the self-generator and the new provider for the balance of the duration.




What are the benefits of Net Metering?


• Saving on the cost of electricity

• Reducing the installation’s environmental footprint

• Converting the installation to a “green” system

• Fast payback on investment in relation to the lifespan of the photovoltaic system