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Human Resources

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In Protergia, we believe that our company’s most valuable asset is its workforce. We are aware that companies with high-quality personnel have a distinct competitive advantage and that the proper management of human resources is key to sustaining high performance levels.

Within our organisation, we establish relationships based on openness, integrity and mutual commitment, because we believe that this will help us achieve our ambitious business goals. 

We consider the development of our Human Resources of particular importance and we focus at enhancing individual and corporate performance. Continuous improvement and the adoption of international best practices can be achieved only when our people develop and revise their technical, commercial and cultural knowledge in a constantly changing environment.

Corporate Culture

The corporate culture is the essential element that ensures cohesion and consensus in our efforts to achieve our vision. Our corporate culture is defined by the people themselves and is present across all levels of the workforce, from the top management down to the production line. Its core priority is to invest continuously on the human capital, which is the company's driving force. To this end:

  • We focus on attracting and retaining competent professionals, whose values and principles are aligned with those of the company. 
  • We constantly strive to ensure that we offer to our people the tools and opportunities which help them to expand their competences and support their professional development within our organization. 
  • We encourage innovation, initiative, learning and diversity.
  • We leverage the skills and competences of our people in order to improve the quality of the company’s products and services, as well as its public image.
  • We recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between our employees’ professional and family obligations.


Investing in the Future

The vision and mission of the company’s Human Resources Department is to attract, retain and support the development of professionals with ideals, values and moral standards, to help promote and achieve our Vision and Strategy.

Our activities in the energy sector and the latter’s sustained high-rate economic growth offer to our employees the security of a large, stable company, while also providing them with access to a broad range of knowledge, skills and opportunities for further development.

In this framework, our people have the opportunity to:

  • Develop new ways of thinking and expressing themselves,
  • Meet new challenges,
  • Cultivate communication and collaboration skills,
  • Promote creative thinking, and
  • Develop problem-solving and management abilities.​


Work Environment

All company employees enjoy the right to safe and healthy work conditions while also acknowledging their duty to responsible professional conduct, which helps their personal and team development.