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Gas Connect FAQs

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All it takes is an activated Natural Gas network already existing on your street. We perform an availability check and if there is an active network. 
Protergia's specialized partners undertake all the necessary connection procedures. 

Through Protergia gas boiler Installation, you enjoy all the benefits of natural gas through an easy and simple process, safely and cost-effectively! 
We offer you a complete, reliable and ‘green’ service on ''turnkey'' basis, saving you time and stress regarding the completion and reliability of the works provided.
The service offers a nationwide coverage, is provided through the Protergia network of specialized partners and includes all the necessary works for connection to Natural Gas, such as the design, supply and NEW installation of a gas boiler; Indeed
by acquiring one of the available Protergia Natural Gas promos, you gain even higher economy and a high level of servicing. 
All you have to do is fill out the form for expression of interest. 
Protergia's expert associates will take on everything for you! 

With the Gas Connect service, Protergia's specialized associates undertake all the work needed to connect to the gas network. Such works include the following: 
•    Check Natural Gas network availability& information imparted to you whether the network is already on your street
•    Submission of a Gas Connection Agreement to the Gas Distribution Company
•    Visit to your premises by a qualified partner to perform a technical study, based on the property's condition
•    Submission of an economic offer based on the technical study, to match your on-site facility and the boiler with your actual needs
•    Signing of a Connection Agreement with the Gas Distribution Company 
•    Signing of a procurement agreement with Protergia, so you can enjoy competitive tariffs and a high level of service
•    Placement of a gas meter. The Gas Distribution Company shall, if necessary, build the network of natural gas supply pipes and shall place the meter in your property at an agreed position. No action is required on your side
•    Submission of an on-site installation study for approval to the Gas Distribution Company
•    Build your on-site installation from the meter to the points of use and installation of the necessary devices for natural gas use. 
•    Submission to the Gas Distribution Company of the relevant documents 
•    On-site installation inspection by the Gas Distribution Company and commissioning

Natural gas ensures incomparable cost-effectiveness compared to the fuels it replaces right from the very first year. Both the energy needs and the annual savings are influenced by factors such as fuel price formation, weather conditions, the degree of the property’s insulation. Take a look at indicative savings results in Protergia calculation tool 
Yes, in all areas being interconnected with the Natural Gas Distribution Network.

It is the fee paid by the property owner or operator to the Gas Distribution Company for the connection of the owner’s property to the natural gas network. The connection cost to the natural gas network depends on the connection type. 
In this period, connection is FREE. The connection fees, if required, are paid in advance to the Gas Distribution Company prior to signing the connection agreement. They shall be paid to a Gas Distribution Company account kept in affiliated banks.

Once a new scheme is released, you will be able to join it in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Gas Distribution Company each time.
It is a natural product found in underground deposits of the earth, whether it is found on its own or coexists with oil deposits. It is a ‘natural energy form’ that can be used without special treatment making perfect combustion in the appropriate devices. 
Natural gas is the most environment and human friendly conventional fuel. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons in gaseous state, composed primarily of methane (more than 85%), which is the lightest hydrocarbon, very clean, free from impurities and sulphides. 
The natural gas may be used for:
•    Heating
•    Hot water supply
•    Cooking
•    Roasting
•    Co-generation (simultaneous production of heating/cooling & electricity)
•    Air conditioning
•    Number of professional uses (dry cleaning, tinsmithing shops, or goldsmithing centers etc.)
•    Production of products in the industry

The use of natural gas in all sectors of consumption offers countless benefits, while contributing to a cleaner environment and enhancing the quality of life of citizens. 
•    Economy
 The natural gas is the most cost-effective option and the best energy investment over time for household and professional use by offering competitive tariffs compared to the conventional forms of energy (oil, electricity, LPG, etc.).  
•    Find out how much money you can save already from the first year. 
•    Ease to use The natural gas is available whenever you need it, at any time, through the installed network. You do not need to order it or be ready to pick it up. The operation of natural gas devices is simple and provides comfort and convenience in your daily life (e.g. hot water supply any time)
•    Cleaning and space saving
Using natural gas does not require installation of a tank, as it is available through the distribution network, while being free from unpleasant odors and oil residues. 
•    Accuracy of post-consumption measurement and billing
Consumption is measured based on the meter readings, like in the case of electricity and water, while always paying only what has been consumed and after it has been consumed. 
•    Reduced maintenance costs for devices 
The clean combustion of natural gas ensures reduced maintenance costs of devices and longer lifetime. 
•    Environmentally friendly Natural gas is the cleanest and least polluting conventional fuel. Its combustion produces less carbon dioxide, therefore by replacing the other fuels, it contributes to mitigating the greenhouse effect. It does not contain sulfur compounds that pollute the environment and cause the acid rain phenomenon. Its combustion is clean and practically free from soot and suspended particles, limiting air pollution. 
•    Safety
Natural gas is absolutely safe to use as: 
-It is a perfectly natural product, lighter than air and should it be released into the atmosphere, it is removed immediately. It is odorless but a characteristic odor is added to detect a possible leak. Itis also not toxic, since it does not contain carbon monoxide. 
-The natural gas network construction works are carried out according to modern and strict specifications
 -The natural gas devices have a special mechanism which automatically shuts off if the flame goes out, and a gas detector can be installed in the room with an automatic shut-off.

The responsible Natural Gas Distribution Network Operator shall be responsible. That is to say: Attiki Natural Gas Distribution Company (EDA Attikis), Gas Distribution Company Thessaloniki (EDA Thess), Public Gas Distribution Networks Corporation for the rest of Greece. 
The relevant Gas Distribution Company shall oversee the network development, maintenance and operation. Emergency telephone numbers, Attiki Natural Gas Distribution Company: 800 11 11 330 / 11322, Gas Distribution Company Thessaloniki (EDA Thess): 10302/ 8001187878, Public Gas Distribution Networks Corporation for the rest of Greece:  800 1122 222 / 2105551666