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FAQs - Natural Gas

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Change of Supplier

The procedure for changing your natural gas supplier is very simple and does not involve any changes to the natural gas meter installed in your home or business. All you have to do is sign a Supply Contract with Protergia, submitting the supporting documents required for each customer category.
No, there is no charge for changing Supplier.
The time needed is about three weeks from the day on which the Supply Contract is signed and it depends on the procedures of the Gas Distribution Company (EDA).
No. Your business and your home will not be left without natural gas – not for a moment. The Supplier change transaction is a purely commercial one. The supply of natural gas is guaranteed by the Gas Distribution Company (EDA).
Protergia can offer its services and supply natural gas to all regions interconnected with the natural gas distribution network.
The duration of the Supply Contract is 12 months, from the starting date of your meter representation. With an exception of a client involved in promotional offers.
Every Delivery Point is characterized by a unique Electronic Delivery Point Identification Code (ΗΚΑΣΠ), which cannot be replicated. It is determined by the responsible Distributor Network Administrator (EDA) and is include in the Supply Contract and the consumption bill. Following the delivery of the ΗΚΑΣΠ code, in every future communication regarding the respective Delivery Point between the Operator, the Company and the Customer ΗΚΑΣΠ code is used as a reference.
The Universal Service Provider is obliged to supply natural gas to small customers across the entire Greek territory, provided that one of the following apply: (a) The above candidate customers have failed to exercise their right to freely select a supplier; (b) The above candidate customers are unable to find a supplier in the liberalized market on their present based on their current commercial terms. Migration to the universal service takes place automatically as far as the customer is concerned.


Your last natural gas supplier refunds the deposit by offsetting it against any other amounts due to the customer in the last (“final”) bill issued by the supplier.
The deposit is the amount paid in the Supplier for securing exclusively future liabilities arising from the Natural Gas Supply Contract. The amount is proportional to the estimated natural gas consumption.

Bill and Charges

Residential customers will receive their bill every month, with the exception of the summer period.
Commercial customers will receive their bill monthly.
The bill will include:
i. Τις χρεώσεις προμήθειας / ανταγωνιστικές
ii. Ρυθμιζόμενες χρεώσεις
iii. Λοιπές χρεώσεις / Φόροι: Ανταποδοτικό Τέλος ΡΑΕ, Ειδικός Φόρος Κατανάλωσης, Ειδικό Τέλος 5 0/00,Τέλος Ασφάλειας Εφοδιασμού και ο ΦΠΑ 13%.
It includes the natural gas consumption charge , which is calculated with the conversion of the calculated m3 into kWh, for the billed consumption period.
It includes the charges that burden all natural gas consumers and are related to: the transmission and distribution network charges and are attributed to the respective Administrators.
You can access the electronic version of your bill under the “myprotergia” area of our website. Your bill is available for viewing only after it has been issued (invoiced).

Network Issues

Taking meter readings is the responsibility of the Distribution System Operator: EDA Attica, EDA Thessaloniki, EDA rest of Greece.
You can contact the Gas Distribution Company ( EDA), who is responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of the distribution network. Below you can find a list of relevant telephone numbers:
Phone numbers of Fault Centers
  • EDA Attica: 800 11 11 330 / 11322
  • EDA Thess: 10302
  • EDA Rest Of Greece: 800 1122 222 / 2105551666