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Universal Service

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The Universal Service Provider is mandated to provide electricity to small customers throughout the Greek territory provided one of the following conditions applies: a. these potential customers have neglected to exercise their right to freely select a provider; b. these potential customers are unable to find a provider on the deregulated market under existing commercial terms.

Universal Service was instituted in 2011 to provide electricity of up to 25 kVA to households and small businesses which are no longer represented by an electricity supplier.

Under Ministerial Decision ΥΠΕΝ/ΓΔΕ/57469/2612/17.06.2020 (Government Gazette Β/2400/17.06.2020), Protergia and other electricity suppliers have been designated Universal Service Providers for a period of 2 years.

The provision of service is for two (2) years from the date the obligation is assumed, pursuant to the decision of the Ministry of Environment, issued as authorised by the first indent of Article 58(5) of Greek Law 4001/2011, as in force.

Customers automatically fall under the Universal Service Provider when they have neglected to select another provider, or of they cannot find a provider to supply them with electricity, or their service from the supplier of last resort status has ended.

You can enter into a supply agreement with the provider of your choice any time you like. The supply of electricity by the Universal Service Provider ceases when a supply contract is signed with the new provider and services is activate. The date of activation is determined by the competent operator and notified to the Universal Service Provider of your choice.

The applicable universal service supply charges are based on the reference tariff, in accordance with Article 5 of Decision ΥΠΕΝ/ΓΔΕ/57469/2612, increased by 12% per customer category. Based on the above, universal service supply charges are shown in the table here.