Strengthening transparency

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In our effort to respond daily and with responsibility to our vision and values, we have as our main vehicle the principle of Transparency. Transparency, as part of the broader law of protection of Management, Employees and especially the Consumer is one that permeates our corporate culture and ensures our viability preventing any risk of exposure to conditions of corruption in both the indoor and outdoor operation and our transaction.

Vision & Values



 ...with the goal of sustainable growth at the heart of our business activities

...implementing innovative investments and projects in the energy sector

...with respect for the society, the environment and our people

...through the creation of value for our clients and business partners 

...with competitive prices, high level of services and modern services for our customer's satisfaction...



Our vision is to remain the pioneer in the Energy market and the largest private electricity producer and supplier in Greece.




Our core corporate values, coupled with our ethical and professional conduct rules, which govern the operation of Protergia are the following: