Protergia gives power to your needs

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Protergia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MYTILINEOS Group, announces its entry in the electricity retail market with a view to supplying electricity to businesses, professionals and households, meeting the customers’ needs for competitive prices and modern, reliable services.With a philosophy incorporating truly competitive charges, clear and unambiguous billing, monthly bills and customer rewards, Protergia makes a daily reality of its message “We give power to your needs”. Interested consumers may visit the company’s website at or call Protergia Customer Support at 18311 in order to obtain information about the products that best meet their needs, fill out and submit the relevant application forms and have all of their questions answered. Protergia is the largest independent electricity producer in Greece. The company’s portfolio of energy assets exceeds 1,200 MW of installed capacity, corresponding to more than 10% of the country’s total electricity production. As an electricity producer established through private investments in high-tech power plants, Protergia has an in-depth knowledge of the electricity market and is constantly carrying out environment-friendly investments, contributing to employment and the national economy.

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