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Other Third Party charges

The following charges are levied on all consumers irrespective of the electricity supplier selected, are collected via the payment of electricity bills and are remitted to the State:

(a) Excise Duty – EFK (Law 2960/01)
(b) Special Customs Rights Duty 5‰ – DETE (Law 2093/1992) 
(c) Municipal Duties – Municipal Taxes – Real Estate Duty (Law 25/1975, Law 2130/1993)
(d) Hellenic Radio and Television – ERT  (Greek Government Gazette 44A/ 29.04.2015)

More details about the calculation of Other Third Party Charges



The amount of the deposit reflects the cost of electricity consumption for a period of 45 days and is held solely as security against any debts which customers may incur in the future in connection with their bills.

The charge for the deposit will be included in the very first electricity bill that you will receive from Protergia.With the timely payment of the first bill a 30% discount is offered in the amount of the deposit.

Billing frequency

Every month, Protergia will issue an ACTUAL electricity bill (i.e. based on the consumption measured and certified by the corresponding Operator). 

Payment methods

Protergia provides you with several options for paying your bills. All you have to do is choose the most convenient one for you! 


To see all available payment methods, click here.

To see the General Conditions of Contract, click here