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Our approach

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Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental element of our strategic planning and is implemented through specific initiatives that define and highlight our holistic approach to its notion and by extension our social and environmental responsibility towards our stakeholders. These initiatives include, inter alia:


  1. The design and implementation of CSR Governance by creating internal procedures for the design, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of our responsible practices with a view to sustainable development.
  2. The establishment of annual consultations with our stakeholders on CSR issues at central and local level, aiming to survey and evaluate their views and their expectations, as well as the overall dynamics that this dialogue gives in the process of our business decisions.
  3. The Mapping of policies, actions and results on responsible entrepreneurship related issues in order to identify and deal appropriately with sensitive social and environmental aspects of our operations .
  4. The procedure for the setting of quantitative and qualitative CSR targets, and the recording and disclosure of social and environmental footprint on an annual basis.
  5. Our contribution to strengthening social cohesion and solidarity through developing synergies and take targeted actions for the benefit of local people we come into contact.