Natural gas supply

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Protergia is also active in the supply of natural gas, in the final consumer, with the aim to provide natural gas to businesses, professionals and households, responding to the customer’s needs for competitive prices and modern, reliable services.
For this purpose products and services have designed, that offer unique benefits.

• Competitive prices

• Through myprotergia customers can control their bills and save energy

Moreover through the company website, and by subscribing in myprotergia service customers can monitor their energy consumption in detail, find all their Protergia bills in one place, submit their meter reading by themselves so they can receive a clearance bill every month based on their actual consumption and get smart tips and useful information in order to save more energy.

Today, customers who trust Protergia in order to meet their energy needs cover the entire market range, including large business groups, chain stores, banks, super markets, food industries, pharmaceutical companies, and thousands of households.