Natural Gas Shared

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Protergia Natural Gas product is addressed to residential customers with shared natural gas connection, activated or non activated and offers the following:

  • Competitive Prices
  • Through myrpotergia customers can control their bills and save energy
  • High level customer support


Competitive Charges: 


Monthly Fee (/month)
Natural Gas Supply Price (/KWh)
Home Shared
Natural Gas Supply Price Calculation Formula in €/kWh =
Supply Charge Price €/kWh  = [ Final Unit Starting Price of DEPA’s Annual Auction of  the consumption’s period year $/kWh ] / [ «Reference exchange rate, US dollar/Euro », as announced by the European Central Bank on the 10th calendar day of the month following the month of consumption, or on the next working day, if the 10th day is a holiday ] + [0,0136€/kWh]
The above rates do not include VAT 13%. 

Valid for new applications until 31/03/2019, on 12 month contract. 

Competitive Natural Gas Supply Prices (Shared)
  Natural Gas Home Shared Double Energy Shared Promo 30% Home Shared Promo 15%
Monthly Fee € / Month - - -
October 2018 0,03891 0,02723 0,03307
November 2018 0,03855 0,02699 0,03227
December 2018 0,03831 0,02682 0,03257
January 2019 0,03902 0,02731 0,03317

Here you can find the Natural Gas Competitive Charges from 01/01/2018 until 15/10/2018


Other Third Party Charges:

  • Application Fee RAE
  • Supply security Levy (S.S.L.) - Ν.4001/2011, & R.A.E 's decision (FEK Β' 2536/23.09.14) 
  • Excise Duty - Ν.3986/2011 &  Ν.4389/2016.  
  • Special Customs Right Duty (5‰) - Ν.2093/92
  • V.A.T.: All charges other than the Special Customs Right Duty are subjected to V.A.T. 13%


More details about the Regulated Charges

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