Labor practices

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In MYTILINEOS, we consider our people as our greatest assets as we support our business success and our future growth on them. In this context we ensure a proper management of our people and create a meritocratic workplace free of discrimination, as well as an environment characterized by a balance between work time and family life. As a young and dynamic company we apply modern management policies of our staff to systematically exploit the capabilities and skills of each employee. The personnel selection and manager’s prioritization is achieved through objective evaluation methods while all company’s employees are covered by agreements based on collective bargaining.



Management Approach

In MYTILINEOS, we invest in our people, as we recognise that our business success and our future growth are due to them. In line with this approach, the company has established a work environment in which all the employees that make up the human resources of its companies enjoy job security, equality, stability, a high level of professional and personal satisfaction, loyalty and commitment to the corporate values. The respect of the rights and of the personal dignity of employees is a core commitment for MYTILINEOS, and investing in people is part of our corporate culture. To this end:

• We take care to ensure that we are able to attract and retain qualified individuals with principles and values such as integrity, consistency, loyalty, creative thinking, professional diligence and a sense of responsibility.

• We seek to provide employment conditions and a work environment with the best possible conditions in place to encourage creativity, development and full use of the capabilities of each employee.

• We share our knowledge and experience to promote “lifelong” learning through processes that identify the areas for development of our employees’ professional capabilities and for provision to them of training on subjects that conform to the Group’s strategic goals for development.

• We improve the conditions and the Health and Safety standards in our work premises, in order to meet the needs of our employees and help them balance their professional and family obligations.

• We evolve by constantly creating new career opportunities for all employees, offering equal opportunities and competitive remunerations and benefits through a Performance Review system based on methods and tools that assess individual and team performance and their interrelationship.

• We maintain labour peace, through policies and systems that foster harmonious collaboration and promote a good work environment.

• We establish an Internal Communication System that promotes lateral and hierarchical communication and strengthens corporate culture.

We are standing by our people with honesty, we communicate with them openly and we support them in their professional development. Our core priority is to achieve the target “ZERO ACCIDENTS AND ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES” in all Group Companies. In parallel, we are committed to treating our people responsibly and consistently, so that we remain their first choice of employer throughout the course of their careers.



For MYTILINEOS, staff training is based on an ongoing effort to identify the real training needs, based on which the training programs are created. 


For staff suitability in order to cope with the assigned tasks we evaluate and investigate the knowledge of the object of the job vacancy as well as elements such collaboration, consistency, etc., in order to provide adequate training and to ensure the ability of employers to perform the assigned tasks. 


Training programs follow: a) all newly recruited company’s employers and b) the existing staff of the company which is changing job vacancy, or assume additional responsibilities, when trained on the new workpiece, or general information on matters of wider information .


Personnel working in jobs whose activities may have a significant risk regarding health and safety at work or a significant impact on the environment, is trained and sensitized at regular intervals in the management of occupational risks or environmental impacts, responsibilities, health and safety policy or environmental objectives for health and safety or the environment .


Evaluation & Career Development

MYTILINEOS gives particular emphasis on evaluating the performance of employees, through which develop and grow their skills, thus, the best possible conditions for the further development of their career in the company. Management Performance is defined as a system of evaluation and measurement of individual employee performance by focusing on specific search capabilities. 

The objective of the evaluation system is to develop workforce’s knowledge and skills and thus the continuous improvement of performance through which company’s strategy is implemented and operational objectives are achieved. More specifically, the main objectives of the system are:

- The existence of an objective and comprehensive process for evaluating the performance of employees, through the examination of individual criteria.

- Linking performance by rewarding effort and effectiveness.

- The identification of training and development needs in order to continuously improve performance.

- The possibility of career planning per employer and the ensure of smooth succession per job vacancy, in order to achieve optimal utilization of human resources with the consequent positive effect both on the results of the company and the employee motivation and working environment .

- The gradual establishment and creation of a culture of continuous improvement and development.