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The Protergia Home products meet your requirement for more economical electricity supply for you and your family at truly competitive charges with clear, unambiguous billing.

Select the product that matches your particular needs to see more details about pricing and other product features.

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Protergia Home N
Protergia Home N is addressed to residential customers with electricity consumption needs that vary during the day.
Protergia Home - Discount 30%
Protergia Home Double Discount to consistent customers is addressed to residential consistent customers
Protergia Home
Protergia Home is addressed to residential customers with stable electricity consumption needs throughout the day.
30% Discount to Vacation Home and 6 months free monthly fee.
Protergia Vacation Home is addressed to residential consistent customers and offers the following:  30% discount at electricity day charge 15% discount at electricity night charge FREE MONTHLY FEE for 6 months Without deposit payment by applying standing order via bank account Through myprotergia customers can control their bills and save energy High level customer support   Offer! 30% Discount to Vacation Home and 6 months free monthly fee.     Competitive Charges:     With on time payment (30%) Monthly Fee (€/month) Electricity Charge Day Consumption (€/kWh) Electricity Charge Night Consumption (€/kWh) Protergia Home (0-2000 kWh/4months) 2,25 0,06601 - Protergia Home (>2000 kWh/4months) 0,06930 - Protergia HomeΝ (0-2000 kWh/4months) 0,06601 0,05619 Protergia HomeN (>2000 kWh/4months) 0,06930 0,05619 Valid for new applications until 31/08/2019, on 24month contract. Above rates do not include VAT 6%.  Competitive charges comprise the following: The charge for the supply of power under the Day Ahead Scheduling mechanism, the charges of the Uplift Accounts (UA-2, UA-3), charges for losses in the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network, the charge based on the weighted average production cost of conventional thermal plants (Charged to the Special Account of article 143 of Law 4001/2011) and the costs of the Capacity Assurance Mechanism (MDEI), as defined in the Electricity Transaction Code (Decision 56/2012 of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, published in Government Gazette issue 104/B/2012) and determined in accordance with the laws in force.     Regulated Charges:   TRANSMISSION SYSTEM   DISTRIBUTION NETWORK   CONSUMPTION RANGE IN kWh (For a 120-day consumption period) POWER CHARGE (€/kVA*AC/year) ELECTRICITY CHARGE (€/kWh) OTHER CHARGES (€/kWh) POWER CHARGE (Fixed Unit Charge) (€/kVA*AC/year) ELECTRICITY CHARGE (Variable Unit Charge) (€/kWh) SERVICES OF GENERAL INTEREST (€/kWh) SPECIAL DUTY OF GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS REDUCTION (€/kWh) 0-1600 0,13 0,00527 0,00007 0,54 0,0213 0,00690 0,02267 1601-2000 0,05000 >2001 0,08500 REGULATED NIGHTIME CHARGES 0-1600 0,00 0,00 0,00007 0,00 0,0000 0,00690 0,02267 1601-2000 0,05000 >2001 0,08500 The above rates do not include VAT 6%.   Regulated charges are the same for all consumers, depending on the particular tariff category and irrespective of the electricity supplier selected. They comprise the charges levied on all consumers who use the electricity infrastructures (i.e. the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System and the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network), the charges for the provision of Services of General Interest and the Special Duty for the Reduction of Air Pollutant Emissions.   More details about the calculation of Regulated Charges Useful information on the eligibility criteria for the application of the Social Residential Tariff and the Solidarity Services Tariff and for inclusion in the category of Vulnerable Customers.   See more  
Protergia Home Benefit
Feel safe with Protergia Benefit – Home Insurance!

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e-Protergia Home is addressed to residential customers, specifically designed for electric car owners
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