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The Protergia Home products meet your requirement for more economical electricity supply for you and your family at truly competitive charges with clear, unambiguous billing.

Select the product that matches your particular needs to see more details about pricing and other product features.

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You can be a Genius, too!
Τα Protergia Genius πακέτα απευθύνονται σε οικιακούς πελάτες, με σταθερή χρέωση ηλεκτρικού ρεύματος το μήνα. Μάθετε αναλυτικά τις παροχές.
Protergia Home N
Protergia Home N is addressed to residential customers with electricity consumption needs that vary during the day.
Protergia Home
Protergia Home is addressed to residential customers with stable electricity consumption needs throughout the day.
Protergia Home MAX
Protergia Home Double Discount to consistent customers is addressed to residential consistent customers
30% Discount to Seasonal Home and 6 months free monthly fee.
Έκπτωση 30% και στο Εξοχικό σας με επιπλέον 6 μήνες ΔΩΡΕΑΝ πάγια ανά έτος!
Protergia Home Benefit
Feel safe with Protergia Benefit – Home Insurance!

Following the trend. Energy movement. 

e-Protergia Home is addressed to residential customers, specifically designed for electric car owners
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