Health and safety at the workplace

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The work organization, working conditions, working time, are essential parameters for the Health & Safety in our workplaces. In MYTILINEOS we believe that ensuring the “ZERO ACCIDENTS AND ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES” target is a collaborative coordinated effort of managers and employees. In this context, we gave special attention to the prevention of injuries and occupational diseases at work by adopting the implementation of the international standard OHSAS 18001 for the management of Health & Safety at the Workplace for which we have been certified.


Health & Safety Policy

MYTILINEOS is committed to continuously performance improvements over health and safety for all its activities. The company identifies the target of minimizing the risk of its activities in relation to the health and safety of employees, suppliers, customers and visitors, in order to achieve the objective: 



MYTILINEOS follows a clear and comprehensive policy and establishes a management system of Health & Safety according to the international standard OHASAS 18001, while fulfilling the expectations of all its stakeholders. Policy’s principles are the following

  • The performance assessment of occupational hazards and it’s update in case of changing activities, facilities, equipment or manpower. 
  • Full compliance with current legislation on health and safety and other relevant regulations. 
  • The development of preventive and corrective actions, procedures and instructions, where necessary, to ensure the minimization or elimination of risks 
  • Information, awareness raising and training of staff in health and safety at work, with a view to eliminating incidents in the workplace. 
  • Transparent communication on matters relating to health and safety 
  • Systematic monitoring of performance, due process and respect the rules laid down by internal or external audits. 


Health and Safety is everyone's concern and the commitment of each one of us will ensure the continuous improvement of our performance.