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Gas Connect

Turnkey installation of gas boiler


The natural gas supply has come to your street, but you don’t know how to connect to it? Now, Protergia can take care of all phases of the process and deliver a complete gas boiler installation service.
The service includes the survey, supply and NEW installation of the gas boiler through Protergia’s network of specialised partners.
Find out now how much you can save by installing natural gas at your own home.
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Find out now how much you can save by installing natural gas at your own home.


We can take care of the entire process:




We visit your premises. Our partner sends a special team to your premises to conduct an on-site survey and prepare an offer that includes the dimensioning of the boiler and calculation of the work needed to install it.



We connect you to Protergia. An application is made to connect to Protergia.



We submit the paperwork folder to the Natural Gas Distribution Company (EDA). The paperwork is submitted to EDA to connect the customer to the natural gas supply network. The folder includes a request for a meter and the installation plans.



We install the boiler. Installation work includes connections, piping and the boiler that is most suitable for your energy needs and/or your space.



We represent you. Protergia represents your gas service at the most competitive rates on the market.



What are the advantages of installing a gas boiler?

  • Site survey & technical plans
  • Financial offer
  • Installation work
  • Complete management of the representation process for your new natural gas service
  • Gas supply agreement at the most competitive rates on the market

  • Strict compliance with specifications for the installation that:
    • make the use of natural gas safe from the very beginning
    • ensure correct combustion and a cleaner environment
    • contribute to the boiler’s longer life and better performance
  • Natural gas is a safe fuel, as it is non-toxic and its composition is designed to eliminate potential risks
  • Top-level service with the assurance of the largest private provider

  • Short payback period on the investment for the installation
  • Great savings in relation to heating oil and other fuels used for household energy and hot water needs
  • Even greater savings due to lower consumption due to optimised boiler efficiency

  • Natural gas is a natural product with the lowest emissions of all conventional fuels
*Prerequisite for installation is natural gas supply from Protergia.