Double Energy MAX

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Double energy and win more - Combine electricity and gas and save 70€ BONUS on your first bill!

Up to 42%* discount on electricity and 35% discount on Natural Gas for 2 years!

Protergia Double Energy MAX is addressed to residential customers with natural gas connection, activated or non activated as well as with or without an active electricity supply contract with Protergia at the same T.I.N.
Double Energy Max
  • Electricity: Promo 'Home/Home N - MAX' the discount of 42% is applied to the electricity day charge and discount 15% to the electricity night charge consumption to consistent customers with monthly fee charge of 2,25€/ month.
  • Natural Gas: Promo 'Natural Gas Home Autonomous MAX' the discount of 35% is applied to the natural gas supply and with monthly fee charge of 3,5€/month.


*Discount in relation with the standard price list of basic supplier. Valid for new applications untiΙ 17/04/2020, for a 24month contract


Regulated charges are the same for all consumers, depending on the particular tariff category and irrespective of the electricity supplier selected. They comprise the charges levied on all consumers who use the electricity infrastructures (i.e. the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System and the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network), the charges for the provision of Services of General Interest and the Special Duty for the Reduction of Air Pollutant Emissions.

More details about the calculation of Regulated Charges

Useful information on the eligibility criteria for the application of the Social Residential Tariff and the Solidarity Services Tariff and for inclusion in the category of Vulnerable Customers.

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