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Bill and Charges

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Protergia electricity bills are issued on a monthly basis and belong to one of the following types: ESTIMATED -> Based on an estimated consumption level. ACTUAL -> Based on the consumption measured and certified by the Distribution Network Operator.. ACTUAL – CUSTOMER READING -> Based on the “Registration of Meter Readings” service.
If for any reason the consumption is measured at a time interval that is longer or shorter than four months, then the consumption charged is adjusted relative to the four-month period by applying the “billing period adjustment factor” (actual consumption days / 120 days).
Competitive charges comprise the following: The charge for the supply of power under the Day Ahead Scheduling mechanism, the charges of the Uplift Accounts (UA-2, UA-3), charges for losses in the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network, the charge based on the weighted average production cost of conventional thermal plants (Charged to the Special Account of article 143 of Law 4001/2011) and the costs of the Transitional Capacity Assurance Mechanism (MMDEI), as defined in the Electricity Transaction Code (Decision 56/2012 of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, published in Government Gazette issue 104/B/2012) and determined in accordance with the laws in force.
In addition to your electricity consumption, your bill will also include Regulated Charges and the corresponding taxes and duties under the laws in force.
Regulated charges are the same for all consumers, depending on the particular tariff category and irrespective of the electricity supplier selected. They comprise the charges levied on all consumers who use the electricity infrastructures (i.e. the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System and the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network, the charges for the provision of Services of General Interest and the Special Duty for the Reduction of Air Pollutant Emissions).
The following charges are levied on all consumers irrespective of the electricity supplier selected, are collected via the payment of electricity bills and are remitted to the State: (a) Excise Duty – EFK (Law 2960/01). The Excise Duty is charged only in ACTUAL bills, is calculated based on the level of electricity consumption and is subject to VAT. (b) Special Customs Rights Duty 5‰ – DETE (Law 2093/1992). DETE is charged in the ESTIMATED and ACTUAL bills and is calculated on the charge for the consumption of electricity augmented by the Excise Duty (EFK) charge. It is not subject to a VAT charge. (c) Municipal Duties – Municipal Taxes – Real Estate Duty (Law 25/1975, Law 2130/1993). Municipal Duties (DT), Municipal Taxes (DF) and the Real Estate Duty (TAP) are charged only in ACTUAL bills and are calculated based on the surface (in sq.m.) of the property which is supplied with power.
You can access the electronic version of your bill under the “myprotergia” area of our website. Your bill is available for viewing only after it has been issued (invoiced).
Under the Law 3345/2005 non-electrified and not in use property, in accordance with a solemn declaration of the owner or its legal representative, are exempted from paying municipal taxes for cleanliness and lighting upon submission to the relevant Municipality, along with the above declaration, of a certificate issued by local offices of HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.) concerning the interruption of electricity to the property. Here you will find the addresses and the telephone numbers of HEDNO S.A. service points 
These are increases or decreases in Supply Charges in case of a marked change in the cost of electricity.
They may be triggered based on predetermined limits and variables provided for in Article 8.8 of the General Conditions of Contract. According to Article 8.8: Supply Charges are calculated as follows: If the sum of (I) the average System Marginal Price; (II) the average unit charges for the uplift accounts; and (III) the weighted average production cost of conventional power plants during the Consumption Period; plus the applicable rate for network losses on (I) through (III) (hereinafter the “Average Uplifted Sum”) is between €40 and €50/MWh, there is no increase or decrease in Supply Charges. If the Average Uplifted Sum during the consumption period is under the €40/MWh limit, supply charges are decreased by the difference between the €40/MWh and the Average Uplifted Sum. If the Average Uplifted Sum during the consumption period is over the €50/MWh limit, supply charges are increased by the difference between the Average Uplifted Sum and the €50/MWh limit. Such increases or decreases of the Supply Charges will appear as distinct charges or credits on the bills the Supplier sends to the Customer, when actual data are made available by the operator. Protergia may charge or credit customers depending on the amount at which the above sum closes. Uplifts pursuant to Article 8.8 are only included on settlement bills featuring electricity consumption.
The Social Residential Tarrif or the Vulnerable customer may settle his entire debt in installments and interest-free installments according to the following:
  • Each monthly installment shall not exceed 50% of the corresponding monthly  Electricity Expenditure of the Vulnerable Customer.
  • The above option does not relieve the Customer of his responsibility for timely payment of his debts to the Supplier
  • In order for the settlement to take effect, the first dose must be paid within 5 days