Protergia Business 1 Plus

Protergia Business MVP with cost-based tariffs and rewards throughout the contract.

Floating tariff
Business 1 Hero Plus

What do Ι gain?

Monthly standing charges €1

Participation in State Subsidies

Without Guarantee,

with payment via a standing bank account order.

Without Additional Subscription

High level of service

Without Adjustment Clause,

even after the suspension period

Competitive Tariffs based on Cost -

in accordance with Article 138, L. 4951/2022, for as long as Adjustment Clause Suspension lasts, the Fixed tariffs and supply charges on electricity are announced on a monthly basis

Without Withdrawal Clause

myprotergia service free of charge:

Consumption control is in your hands!

Competitive charges with effect from 01.01.2024

What do I pay?

Year Month Μ Fixed tariff of supply
Increase Coefficient
Weighted Market Price Μ-2
Variable pricing of supply (€/ΜWh)
2024 JUNE 1 1,145 73,70 30 114,39

The above charges do not include VAT 6% 


The above charges do not include VAT 6%.

Regulated tariffs are the same for all consumers, depending on the invoice category, regardless of the supplier they have chosen, and relate to the charges borne by all consumers using electricity infrastructure (i.e. electricity transmission system charges, electricity distribution grid charges), public utility charges, and special duty of pollutants emissions reduction.


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