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Business Control

Solutions and recommendations for saving
energy and improving energy efficiency for every business.

So you can monitor your facility 24 hours a day.

At Protergia, we offer you cutting-edge energy-saving digital solutions so you can:
- Reduce your energy costs
- Significantly cut down on wasted energy
- Chart the energy efficiency of your facility
- Assess your energy consumption
- Receive notification when your consumption seems unusual
- Set your own energy performance indicator (EnPI) goals and achieve them

The myenergytracker platform was developed by SenseOne, a member of the SingularLogic Group, and relies on the operation of the SenseOne IoT Platform, SingularLogic’s innovative international Internet of Things platform.
An energy adviser, because only a person can understand all your needs.

Get your own specialised energy adviser and monitor in detail the energy consumption in your facility by conducting an energy audit of the main energy-intensive infrastructure. Through an analysis and with the help of the adviser, you will be able to identify indications of potential energy loss in your facilities and together set targets for saving energy. You can keep your business unit's performance steady along with your business activity.
So the business can operate in compliance with Article 10 of Law 4342/2015.

Under the supervision of an experienced team of energy auditors, we help you prepare your business for compliance with the provisions in Article 10 of Law 4342/2015 on conducting energy audits at your facility.

The energy audit team comprises energy auditors and engineers experienced in measuring energy performance. They will provide you with all the information and support you need while adapting your business to the requirements of the law and the contents of the Energy Audit Guide.